Graphics Make A Website

In the design of a website, it is the graphics that define it and determine its attractiveness and effectiveness.  Good eye catching graphics will draw someone into a website and keep them there longer -helping suppress the all-important bounce rate.

Appealing graphics will affect the mood and the emotions of the website visitor – beauty will uplift their spirits.  The individual browsing the website quickly scans the page,  it is the graphics and images they focus on as they decide do they want to stay and or go somewhere else – back to Facebook, over to check on their favorite sports team’s game or a million other things on the web.  Your website like it or not is competing with everything else on the web.

No matter the purpose of a website,  any website owner wants a beautiful, attention-getting website.  It is not the text that makes a website attractive –  It is the images and the graphics that capture the eye and set the tone for the user experience.

Taking the time to really find and enhance the right image is one of the first steps to developing a great website.

A well-crafted logo has never been more important and sets the tone for the design of the website.

Visitors to your website are mouse happy, they come ready to click and go back to Google and on to another website. You must grab their attention instantly – beautiful graphics are indispensable in that regard.

It is also crucial to recognize that the images must also be optimized so that they load quickly. A large image no matter how beautiful that downloads slowly will be a liability.

Adding text and messaging inside of images is also very important to communicate with consumers and draw them into the website.


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